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Enjoy this curated list of resources, including a few free and low-cost products that we've developed especially for you. Be sure to visit frequently, as we are continuing updating this list with resources we find helpful.

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The Financial Feminist Manifesto

Need inspiration? Grab this free "FINANCIAL FEMINIST MANIFESTO" - a beautifully designed 8.5 x 11 colorful poster on what it means to be empowered by your money and financial life.

Make an impact on yourself and the world around you be taking control over your finances once and for all. 

Money Wisdom In-a-Box

48 inspirational money messages, organized under the topics of saving, spending and earning. Deck also includes 12 cards with thought-provoking questions, to encourage conversation and reflection. Perfect gift for women in transition, coaches, and anyone working with clients on their finances or money mindset.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

My go-to recommendation for budget building. You can use this on your own, or if too overwhelming, check out our Budget Coaching option where we walk you through this system step-by-step.

How Well Protected Are Employees Against Key Financial Risks?

A research study conducted by Prudential on how needs-based financial wellness programs benefit both employees and employers.

Pursuit of a Financial Advisor Field Guide

A resource created by the National Association of Personal Fee-only Advisors (NAPFA) on how to find an advisor that's right for you and key questions to ask

Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny

Highly recommended resource for anyone suffering from money blocks or fears, and shifting from a scarcity to abundance mentality.

The Investment Answer by Gordon Murray & Daniel Goldie

Straightforward investment advice distilled in a brief 80-page book. A perfect quick read for understanding the fundamentals of investing over the long-term.

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