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Money and Marriage

According to a 2015 survey*, finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Don't let money ruin yours. Start off your marriage right by getting on the same page financially and learning how to talk to each other effectively about money.

This is a 5-week money coaching program for soon to be or newly married couples. You will learn proven strategies and practical tools on how to create a solid financial foundation together, so your marriage has a stronger chance of, not just surviving, but thriving through "richer, poorer and everything in between"! 

* 2015 SunTrust Bank Study

Money, Women and Work

Stop under-earning. Stop under-valuing your contribution and potential. It's time to earn more and make a bigger impact on a personal finances by focusing on INCOME.

However, that's sometimes easier said that done. Many of us suffer from money blocks or from "Imposter Syndrome" which gets in the way of our ability to EARN MORE.

In this 5-module program, we'll cover how to be more confident around money and the value you can bring to work, so you can increase your income and contributions to the world. This program is ideal for mid-level corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms ready to re-enter the workforce.


Stand-alone Plan: $1800+

On-going Comprehensive: $750 upfront; $150 monthly

Investment Management: 0.70% AUM

There are two options for financial planning: 

Stand-alone planning includes a financial plan covering major areas of your financial life, such as cash flow planning, tax planning, transition planning, etc. It consists of an initial meeting to discuss goals, 2-4 calls/emails to gather data and a final call to present recommendations.

On-going Comprehensive Financial Planning is the foundation of what we do. We help you create a big-picture understanding of your financial life, addressing topics such as  cash-flow and budgeting, debt re-payment, college planning, investment allocation, retirement planning and related tax and estate planning issues. Once a plan is created, we offer on-going support to ensure you stay on track and to trouble-shoot new questions as they arise.

We also provide Investment Management for clients as an added service where appropriate.


Varying fees based on program needs.


Small group workshops and and employee wellness programs are available on the following topics for schools, small businesses, and organizations:

  • Financial Literacy: How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
  • Financial Wellness: What is It and Why Your Company Needs It
  • Employee Benefits 101
  • Goal-setting and Cultivating a Money/Success Mindset
  • Budgeting and Building a Solid Financial Foundation
  • Women & Money
  • And much more

We can tailor speaking, workshops, and classes for your particular audience and needs.

For more information, please send an email with the Subject Line: Speaking Inquiry to:

Upcoming Events

October 2017



September 2017



January 26, 2017


December 15, 2016



"How to Be A Financial Feminist" 

Galvanize Network, Unilever Headquarters

By Invitation Only

"Paying for College: Real Solutions for Real Life" 

For more information, please send an inquiry to:

Join us at Form Pilates at Union Square where we'll be teaching a class open to the public on "Putting the Flow Back into Cash Flow."

For more information, please send an email with the Subject Line: "Cash Flow NYC" to:

Ellevate is a nationally recognized organization for professional women. Join us on December 15 @12:00 EST when we will be conducting an online lunch and learn series on "How to Prevent a Money Hangover this Holiday Season" for Ellevate members and guests.

In addition to budgeting tips, you will learn invaluable tools on how to de-stress from the anxiety that often comes up when we spend money this time of year. Celebrate the season without the worry of having to deal with a "money hangover" in the New Year!

For more information, please send an email with the Subject Line: "Ellevate" to:

Not sure which service is right for you?

If you are unsure which service best meets your needs, just schedule a no-obligation introductory call to get your questions answered and learn more about how we can help.

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